sabato 14 maggio 2016

Danish BeatCookies #1- CD (Frost, 2002)

 Danish Beat 1964-1967
    1 The Beatmakers - My Situation (Denmark)
    2 The Beatmakers - Fabulous (Denmark)
    3 The Beatmakers - Coming On Strong (Denmark)
    4 The Beatmakers - I Understand (Denmark) *
    5 The Beatmakers - Sticks And Stones (Denmark) *
    7 The Beatmakers - Everybody Loves A Lover (Denmark) *
    8 The Beatmakers - With A Girl Like You (Denmark) *
    9 The Beatmakers - Always And Ever (Denmark) *
  10 The Beatmakers - The Hip (Denmark) *
  11 The Beatmakers - Pink Dally Rue (Denmark) *
  12 The Flames - Keep On Rolling (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  13 The Flames - How About (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  14 The Flames - Keep On Trucking (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  15 The Flames - Little Egypt (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  16 The Flames - Tutti Frutti (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  17 The Flames - Donna (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  18 The Flames - Cuttin' Out (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  19 The Flames - Now We're Through (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  20 The Flames - Is It Yes? (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  21 The Flames - Summertime (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  22 The Flames - See Saw (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  23 The Flames - The World Is Round (Ringsted, Denmark)
  24 The Flames - Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  25 The Flames - When A Man Loves A Woman (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  26 The Flames - Someday After A While (You'll Be Sorry) (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  27 The Flames - Neighbour Neighbour (Ringsted, Denmark)
  28 The Flames - Hallelujah I Love Her So (Ringsted, Denmark) *
  29 The Zorros - All My Sorrows (Denmark) *
  30 The Zorros - Train Of Love (Denmark) *
  31 The Zorros - Girl (Denmark)

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caveman78 ha detto...

Léo ha detto...

il manque le 31
Merci tout de même.

jose kortozirkuito ha detto...

Hi Friends:
Track 31:
"Zorros - Girl" is not a danish band. This "Zorros" is a mexican band and this song is a "Michele" cover, include in the Lp "Todo es Yerk 66"
The Zorro´s, danish band, only one single: All my sorrows / Train of love (1964)

Léo ha detto...

Merci pour tout.

caveman78 ha detto...

damn , missing Track 31 . Sorry !

Wayman52 ha detto...

Dear Caveman I found in between my disks an german 60's compilation called (electric)? Loosers3. It's very good. Do you know if there are a part1 and 2? and when so can you post them? It would be highly appreciated cause I don't have 'em.

Wayman52 ha detto...

Sorry Caveman, I found out that I have 'em already. Part 1, 2 is the same as Kraut Paendemonium 1 - 4. Those I have on disk. THANKS again for all your fantastic posts.

bitnik83 ha detto...

Buongiorno immenso Caveman78 ti volevo dire che sei un grande, immenso, raccoglitore di gemme garage beat freakbeat unico nel suo genere, al mondo direi, ti volevo chiedere se erano in programma altre compilation di beat garage scandinavo in particolare danese e norvegese tipo jack beat record anthology grazie e ancora grazie....

candy hunt ha detto...

Oh no!
The link has gone!
Can you help - I got late to this one

El Chan ha detto...

Can you upload This Album Again? Please!

yusukevision ha detto...

Can you upload This Album Again? Please!

George Simmonds ha detto...

Can you reup the album please, thanks