lunedì 31 maggio 2021

Canadian Monsters

Don Norman & the Other 4 - Low Man
King Bees - Little Girl
Northwest Company - Hard To Cry
Midnight Angels - I’m Sufferin’
Chessmen - Love Didn’t Die
Those Rogues - Girl
One Way Street - I See The Light
Royal Family - Solitude
Painted Ship - Frustration
Purple Haze - Love Is Fine
Deverons - She’s Your Lover
Rockatones - Bad Girl
King Beez - Now
Threads Of Fybre - Mama
Quid - Crazy Things
Underworld - Go Away
Luvin’ Kind - Missy D.M.
M.G. & the Escorts - A Someday Fool
Tom Northcott Trio - Just Don’t
Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'

We're All Mad

Krums - LSD Mystic Tide - Frustration Psychotrons - Death Is A Dream Scorpio Tube - Yellow Listen Graf Zepplin - You’re In My Mind Es Shades - Anyway, Anywhere Velvet Haze - Last Day On Earth Interns - The Trip Oedipus - (I Remember) How It Used To Be Whatt Four - Our Love Should Last Forever Children - I Can Feel It Reasons Why - Don’t Be That Way Human Expression - Calm Me Down Hangmen - Faces Creation’s Disciple - Psychedelic Retraction Motions - Land Beyond The Moon

Love Is Tuff


Decisions - Don’t You Know It’s Love Something Else - Let Me Say Now Love Psychedelic Sound - Sorry Baby Goodbye Eastern Alliance - Love Fades Away Fortels - She Living Children - Now It’s Over Next Step - Rivers Of Hate Nautiloids - Nautiloid Reef Creations - Love Is Tuff Evil - I Know I’ll Die Kan Dells - I’ve Met Death Mauve - You’ve Got Me Cryin’ Specters - Depression Sounds Of Night - Sorrow Nomads - How Many Times Jagged Edge - Out Of My Mind

Real Junk

Sir Laurence & the Crescents - Cheatin’ On Me Kings Court - Don’t Put Me On Intruders - She’s Mine JJ Lancaster - So Unkind Roads End - Why Paper Menagerie - Left Up To You Kyks - Where Are You? Damascans - Go ’Way Girl What-Nots - Morning Peers - Once Upon A Time Infinite Staircase - Margaret Koats Of Male - Swinebarn #3 Oscar & the Majestics - No Chance Baby Knights - I Want To Love You Pubs - The Lost Soul Landlords - I’m Through With You

Bands From Nowhere

Noblemen - I’m Gone Rod & the Satellites - She Cares Symbols - What You’ve Shown Cobras - If I Can’t Believe Her Mach V - If I Could 4th Amendment - Whiskey Man Arthur’s Thumb - Love Makes The World Go Round Tree - Man From Nowhere Creations - Get On My Train Dominions - I Need Her Our Gang - Careless Love Secrets - Cryin’ Over Her Wild Ones - Please Tides In - Trip With Me Outcasts - Set Me Free Spires Of Oxford - But You’re Gone

The Last Laugh

Vigilantes - Notice Me Chevelle V - Come Back Bird Checkmates International - Thinkin’ About You Bassmen - The Last Laugh Sound Track - I See The Light Society Of Sound - Revenge Comin Generation - Hey Girl Mystic Five - Walkinn’ The Nose Driving Wheels - Don’t Be Bad Epic V - I Need Your Lovin’ Black Sheep - I Told You Changing Tymes - Go Your Way Kriss Kross - Honeymoon Tree Moguls - Try Me New Breed - Wasting My Time Sound On Sound - Girl You’ve Got To Turn Me On

venerdì 28 maggio 2021

The Dead And The Forgotten

James Bond & the Agents - Wild Angel Thunderbirds - Hey Little Girl Pharaos - Lookin' For Girls Infinitives - Heidi Loved Ones - Life Of My Own Mogen David & the Grapes Of Wrath - Little Girl Gone Sounds Unlimited - Cool One Page Boys - All I Want Expressions - Return To Innocence Classics - This World Can't Take Time Thorns - I Want You IV Bidden - Sick And Lonely Krels - Psychedelic Feeling Blue Embers - I Don't Want To See You Hotbeats - Listen Apparition - She's So Satisfyin'

You Hurt Me So

Satisfactions - Only Once Royal Aircoach - Wondering Why Oxford Five - The World I've Planned Possums - King In His World Barons - Tomorrow Never Ends Uncivilized - Back Again Only Ones - Find A Way 5 PM - How Many Days Rollin’ Ramsaxes - You’ve Hurt Me So Bounty Hunters - The Sun Went Away Gaunga Dyns - Clouds Won’t Shine Page Boys - Sweet Love Missing Lynx - Hang Around Cutaways - I’ll Never Fall In Love Again Idols - True Love Gone Astray Brother L Congregation - She’s Gonna Lose That Boy

mercoledì 26 maggio 2021

You May See Me Cry

Riots - I Can Go On Illusions - Her Own Way Oncomers - You Let Me Down Shadow Casters - Cinnamon Snowflake Reasons Why - Same Old Worries Members - I’ll Get By Without You Best Things - You May See Me Cry Morning After - Things You Do Crucibles - You Know I Do Changing Tymes - The Only Girl I Love Landlords - I’ll Return Barry Ebling & the Invaders - I Can Make It Without You Wild Things - Tell Me Converts - Don’t Leave Me Cavemen - Sandy Intruders - I’ll Go On

Keep On Walkin!

Mo-Shuns - The Way She Walks Young Tyrants - I Try! Buckinghams - Don't Want To Cry Adrian Lloyd - Got A Little Woman Greg Barr & the Barr Association - Dance Girl Dance Reasons Why - All I Really Need Is Love Sound Barrier - Hey Hey Rockin' Ramrods - She Lied Dirty Wurds - Why Treez - You Lied To Me Before Todds - I Want Her Back Huns - Destination Lonely Cirkit - Yesterday We Laughed Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman Traits - High On A Cloud By Fives - I Saw You Walking


martedì 25 maggio 2021

Till The Stroke Of Dawn

State Of Mind - Goin' Away Outer Limits - Walkin' Away Time Takers - Don't Turn Away Psychopaths - 'Till The Stroke Of Dawn Outcasts - Loving You Sometimes Different Parts - Why Young Tyrants - She Don't Got The Right Rockatones - For My Own Hucksters - It's So Hard Caesar & the Romans - Black Lantern Creations - I Want You Pete Morticelli - Lost Esquires - Heartaches Stay The Night Danny & the Counts - Ode To The Wind Briks - I'm Losing Shades LTD - Frog Hunt On Mars

Mad Mad Mad

Nick D'Angelo's Farmers - Mr. Zeppelin Man Jeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill - Silly Whim Maraduers - Lovin' Boss Tweads - I'm Goin' Away 4th Amendment - Always Blue Palace Guards - No Comin' Back Abstracts - Always Always Apostles - I'm A Lucky Guy Escapades - Mad, Mad, Mad Ascensions - All Alone Travis Pike's Tea Party - If I Didn't Love You Girl Unknown Artist - He's In Love With Himself Section Five - Pusher's Route Starfires - The Hardest Way Lost Children - Imagination Tour Modds - Don't Be Late

I've Seen Darker Nights

Grapes Of Wrath - If Anyone Should Ask Todes - Good Things Reasons Why - Tell Her One More Time Dick Curtis - It’s Not The Same Young Men - A Thought For You Marauders - Nightmare Mad Lads - Everything Is Blue Barons - Time And Time Again Mystic Five - It Doesn’t Matter Vistas - Don’t Know Sounds Unlimited - Nobody But You Shyres - Where Is Love Mixed Emotions - I Lied Missing Links - They Say You Lie Lonely Souls - I Can’t Stop Now Facts Of Life - I’ve Seen Darker Nights

I'm Captured

Us Too Group - I'll Leave You Crying W.C. Dorns - I Need You End Result - Never Ask Again Good Feelins - I'm Captured Visions - She's The Girl For Me Playgue - I Gotta Be Goin' Art Guy - Where You Gonna Go Quests - Shadows In The Night Rob Roys - Do You Girl Triumphs - Lovin' Cup Bad Roads - Blue Girl Cobras - Instant Heartache Gents - If You Don't Come Back Prodigal - You Got Me High-Tensions - No Use Hangin' Around Hustlers - If You Try

When Shadows Fall

Boss Five - You Cheat Too Much Changing Tymes - You Make It Hard Dry Ice - Uncertain Love Nomads - Not For Me J. Goon & the Belvederes - Beware Beethoven Four - Oh Pretty Baby Mystery Men - I've Got A Feeling Chain Reaction - G.Y.S. (Get You Some Lovin') Nightcaps - Tell My Baby Ravens - Sleepless Nights Jades - When Shadows Fall Eddie Cunningham & the Lone Rangers - Girl Don't Change Your Mind King's Court - Don't Put Me On Catsanovas - I Want To Be Loved Night Crawlers - Let's Move Mojos - What She's Done To Me

domenica 23 maggio 2021

To Stone


Kandells - I Want You To Know Cheques - To Stone Decompressed Impossibility - You Can't Run Away George Washington & the Cherry Stompers - The Back Shelf Of Your Mind Changing Tides - Don't Say Goodbye Rollin' Ramsaxes - You've Hurt Me So Taboos - All My Life Unwritten Law - This Whole World Is Blind Tyme - Cry For The Trees Solid Ground - Sad Now Yesterday's Obsession - Complicated Mind Dagenites - I'm Gone Slide Lost Chords - I Want To Be Her Man Tyrannies - She's A Queen Barons - I'll Never Be Happy Detours - My Girl

Prime Slime

9th Street Market - You're Gone Stompers - I Know Turfits - Losin' One Branded 'X' - Society And Me The Id - Stop And Look Story Tellers - Cry With Me Vandals - Your Love Will Die Kavaliers - Congregation For Anti-Flirts Inc. Jades - When Shadows Fall Zone V - Black Jacket Girl Runaways - 18th Floor Girl Mystery Men - Pier X Spades - You're Gonna Miss Me Big Beats - I Need You Blaise Sires - Don't Look Now Zoo - Black Blues

My Way Of Life

Aldermen - House Of Wax Satori - Time Machine Five Americans - Don't Blame Me Kit & the Outlaws - Don't Tread On Me Es Shades - Without My Love Shags - It Hurts Me Bad Night Walkers - Sticks & Stones Light Brigade - Baby You Don't Care Dick St. John - You Know What I Mean Fugitive Five - (I Ain't Gonna Give Up) My Way Of Life Spades - We Sell Soul Outcry - Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat) Executioners - You Won't Find Me Soothsayers - Do You Need Me Esquires - Sadie's Ways Teemates - Movin' Out