mercoledì 31 agosto 2022

60's Forgotten Things Vol. 16

Welcome To Punker Hill!!!
A1 The Next Of Kin - A Lovely Song
A2 The Blacksheep - I Told You
A3 B.C. And The Cavemen - Come On
A4 All Of Thus - Last Night
A5 J. Goon & The Belvederes - Beware
A6 Fifth Row Bac - Destination Train
A7 The Chain Reaction - Only The Bleeding (Hey, Boy!)
A8 The Vectors - Cry Me 1000 Tears

B1 The Panics - I Don't Know Why
B2 The Royal Colony - Girl Of Rags
B3 Pitiful Panics - I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
B4 The Kruisers - C'mon Sweet Baby
B5 The Tiles - I Can't Sleep At Night
B6 The Decades - There Ain't No Way
B7 The Pantels - I Don't Know
B8 The Siamese Seven - You Gotta Take It

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60's Forgotten Things Vol. 15

Special Acetates Part 2!
A1 The Red Dogs – Open Your Box (9/12/1966 version) A2 The Faded Blue – Go F** Yourself, My Friend* A3 Eric & The Norsemen – Before A4 The Resurrection – Like The Way A5 The Vandals – She Caught The Wind A6 The Cavaliers (MS.) – Girl Why Can’t You Understand A7 The 2 X 2 – By And By A8 The IV Bidden – Girl Be On Your Way B1 The Sapphires – I’m High B2 Joyful Noise – Known The World Over B3 The Universals – I Lost Her Love B4 The Tree Stumps – Dark As Night B5 The Blades Of Grass – Shopkeeper B6 The Blades Of Grass – Lady Time B7 The Leather Boy – Black Friday B8 Unknown Band – Whispering MORE INFO HERE 60's Forgotten Things


giovedì 25 agosto 2022

60's Forgotten Things Vol. 14

Special Girls !
 A1 Gypsy Moss – Captive To The Night A2 The Teen Bugs – Yes, You Can Hold My Hand A3 The New Chains III – Like A Friend A4 Charlene Condray And The Bitter End – I’ve Got To See My Baby A5 The Limey’s With The London Sounds – Green And Blue A6 Kathy Gianncursio – I Want You Again A7 Kathy Gianncursio – This Is Our Time B1 Judy Franklin And The Hippies – Let Me Go Boy B2 Little Peppy And The Bare Existence – It Can Happen!! B3 The Trees – Don’t You Worry B4 Unknown Band – Catch You On The Run B5 The Real People – Sea Of Reality B6 Ruth And Sherry – You’re Gonna Be My Guy B7 Ill Wind – Morning Dew

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60's Forgotten Things Vol.13

Doomed! (Punk Part 4)
A1 The Night People – Ain’t Gonna Happen A2 The Blue Chips – Keep Looking For Love A3 Delirium – I Need Your Lovin’ A4 The Ghosters – Traveling Light A5 The Jades – Gone A6 The Jaguars – The Gorilla A7 Kriss Kross And The Other Angles – Honeymoon Tree A8 Pepper Swift – My Yo-Yo B1 The Prophets – The Morgan B2 The Wild Ones – Something’s Wrong B3 Roger Binninghof – Over My Head B4 Simon T. Stokes – Pow! Zap! (I’m The Bat) B5 The Sonics – She Can’t See Me B6 The Todes – Good Things B7 The Toffees – The Name Of The Game (Is Love) B8 Washington Merry-Go-Round – Got-ta Got-ta B9 Tony And Terri – Take Me Now MORE INFO HERE 60's Forgotten Things