martedì 15 marzo 2011

Monsters Of The Midwest #4 - LP ((none,1989)

Lost Tracks from the Action Sixties!
Side 1
1 The Coachmen - My Generation
2 The Reactions - In My Grave
3 The Intruders - I'll Go On
4 Skeptics - Bit O' Honey
5 The Countdowns - You Know I Do
6 The Jerms - Love Light
7 Love Corporation - Love Corporation
8 The Twilighters - Spell Bound

Side 2
1 Rod & The Satalites - She Cares
2 The Kingz English - Doctor Hunger
3 The Converts - Don't Leave Me
4 The Grapes - You'd Better Come Home
5 The Berries - Baby, That's All
6 The Dinks - Kocka-Mow-Mow
7 Sounds, LTD. - Slimy Sue
8 Mumbles Scott & The Esquires - Baby What You Want Me To Do?

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caveman78 ha detto...

Jim ha detto...

Fabulous stuff. Thanks. I have been emailing one of the Coachmen for a while and have forwarded this on to him. He will love the Monsters of the Midwest series. It is his youth!

itsallpop ha detto...

Hi- I put out this series and am wondering if anyone has ever seen a picture of The Grapes? I have been looking unsuccessfully for many years.