lunedì 21 marzo 2011

Purple Heart Surgery #1 - LP (Modern, 1995)

Side 1
1 Neil Christian & The Crusaders - I Like It
2 The King-Pins - Maybe Sometime
3 unknown - Can't Stop The Want I Got For You Babe
4 The Exiles - Love In The Making
5 unknown - You'd Better Get Going
6 One In A Million - No Smokes
7 The King-Pins - You're My Girl
8 unknown - To Be With You

Side 2
1 The Wheels - I'm Leaving
2 The Four Aces - Why Do You
3 John Lee's Groundhogs - Someone To Love
4 The Partisans - All Night Worker
5 Spectres - The Facts Of Life
6 unknown - Nonsense And Misery
7 The King-Pins - Baby I Need
8 The Craig - Dancing Down In New Orleans

13 commenti:

François ha detto...

What a teasing !
Oh please , I just can't wait.

m364p3tr4 ha detto...

Same here! Looking forward.


Pep Sonic ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Exeter ha detto...

I can't wait for this one!

aldo ha detto...

These PURPLE HEARTS SURGERY comps are among my favourites, I bought them all when they came out. There are some FANTASTIC tracks by totally unknown bands!
I wonder if any mystery has been solved since...

Nickcave ha detto...

Thanks for posting but i'm unable to find the link for this one. am i missing something?!?

François ha detto...

I think that mega upload is a bitch.
There is a too much trouble with this server.
You should try multi upload or file serve ,my dear Caveman.
Friendly yours.

caveman78 ha detto...

François ha detto...

unknown - "Can't Stop The Want I Got For You Babe" track is a killer !!
Creepy fuzz and threatening vocals.
Jolly good work Signore Caveman.

aldo ha detto...


that's what I meant in my previous comment...the best stuff is by UNKNOWN bands, that track is just FANTASTIC!
Check side 2 OF VOL 3 for more great and unknown stuff.

giodo ha detto...

you have all these LP s ????

rinso ha detto...

Could you please post new links for all the Purple Heart Surgery LPs? Thank you!

just kidding ha detto...

arrrgghh megaupload??