giovedì 24 marzo 2011

Visions Of The Past #1 - CD (Disc de Luxe,?)

1 Dom - Dom
2 The Ooze - We're Living Now
3 Sub - Off
4 The Klan - Nobody Will Ever Help You
5 Goin Sad - Satin Rose
6 The Ooze - Free
7 Dom - Devil's Grandma
8 The Untouchables - Wilder Reiter Gmbh
9 The Petards - Baby, Run Run Run
10 Jonah & The Whales - It's Great
11 The Rackers - Please Be Mine
12 The Psychotic Reaction - Psychotic Reactions
13 The United Five - Go Go Mo Jo
14 G-66 - I Feel Alright
15 The Five Torquays - Boys Are Boys
16 Magic Spirit - I Miss The Light

9 commenti:

QuizMasterChris ha detto...

Wow - looking forward to these! Thanks!

Exeter ha detto...

This has been sitting on my shelf, lonely, for so many years...
Thanks for posting!

caveman78 ha detto...

dutcjoc ha detto...

Sempre e solo il meglio...grazie mille per gli update!!!

Pilchard P. Thresh ha detto...

I've had this for ages. The selections are penatic.

The NazZz ha detto...

I am beginning a new blog! It's in Dutch, but reachable for everyone, who is, like me, in love with music form the great era of the sixties!


Thank You,
Joris (The NazZz), Amsterdam

caveman78 ha detto...

great ! i add you blog on my blogfriend ;)

The NazZz ha detto...

Really thank you Caveman!! I will link to your blog ass well!

bulldogUK ha detto...

Could you re-up "Visions Of The Past" ... many thanks