giovedì 29 marzo 2012

good news: BFTG vol 9 is in the works!!!!

meanwhile, in a topsecret location 1 hour south of montreal, for three days 2 demented freaks have been piecing together a possible Back From The Grave Volume NINE...... hoots to the King: Moptop Mike Markesich. No Thank You to Howard Johnson's of Allentown PA for the 15 bedbug bites - $419 for brutal itching? fuck that. oh, and that cheapass bank bldg in Bumfuck PA? NO THANKS. Talk about a decimated third-world town... see ya tonite Bazooka Joe and Christine Almeida!!! (Tim Warren)

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Exeter ha detto...

Woo Hoo!

Jeanny ha detto...

Cool! Congratulations!

Jeanny @ Garage

Ritasse ha detto...

Eh ben mon colon !

Arifin Suhendar ha detto...

cool.. that's a great list..
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Howie Pyro ha detto...

If you wanna hear some of the songs on Volume 9 & hear Tim talk about it all, here's an episode of my radio show Intoxica where I had Tim on & we talked about & played some of the BFTG 9 Records, click here: