venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

Collector Scum #1 (?)

Best of the collectors' private CDRs
1 Expressions Return To Innocence
2 Expressions One More Night
3 Cheques To Stone
4 Holidays I Got News For You
5 Inn Crowd Go Away
6 Missing Links They Say You Lie
7 No-mads Liverpool Lover
8 Promarks I Want You To Know
9 Reign Zippered Up Heart
10 Soul Vendors Get Out Of My Eye
11 Sound On Sound Girl You've Got To Turn Me On
12 Members I'll Get By Without You
13 Rites Of Spring Comin' On Back To Me
14 Fewdle Lords I Know
15 Individuals She's Gone Away
16 Younger Brothers Go Away
17 Bittersweett She Lied
18 Barbarians You've Got To Understand
19 Bob & Gaylon Don't Go In My room Girl
20 Weavils Here I Am In Love Again
21 Donny &The Mod Men Get Out Of My Room Intruder
22 John Eric & The Isosceles Popsicles I'm Not Nice
23 Yesterday's Children Go Elsewhere
24 Lord Charles & The Prophets Ask Me No Questions
25 Rehabilitation Cruise I Don't Care What They Say
26 Word D I Saw You Walking
27 Anglo Americans The Music Never Stops
28 Eddie Cunningham & The Lone Rangers Girl Don't Change Your Mind
29 Jolly Beggars Last Step Of Doom
30 Avantes Beginning's End

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