martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Coloured Sights & Sounds #4

01-Sterling Damon - Rejected
02-Neal Ford And The Fanatics - One Times One Ain't Two
03-Kenny Wayne And The Kamotions - A Better Day's A Comin'
04-Sons Of Adam - Saturday's Son
05-Kenny And The Kasuals - I'm Gonna Make It
06-Distortions - Smokestack Lightning
07-British Walkers - Bad Lightnin'
08-Basement Wall - Taste Of A Kiss
09-Sidekicks - Not Now
10-Badd Boys - I Told You So
11-Jelly Bean Bandits - Country Woman
12-Tikis - Pay Attention To Me
13-Derby Hatville - Turn Into Earth
14-Smoke Rings - Love's The Thing
15-Mersey Lads - Whatcha Gonna Do Baby
16-Purple Gang - One Of The Bunch
17-Ban - Bye Bye
18-Five Of Us - Hey You
19-Trippers - Taking Care Of Business
20-Hombres - This Little Girl
21-Max Frost And The Troopers - Lonely Man
22-Magic Mushroom - Cry Baby
23-L.a. Teens - You'll Come Running Back
24-Teddy Boys - Jezebel

7 commenti:

JamesBondage ha detto...

link please :)

caveman78 ha detto...

Manny Kent ha detto...

Thanks for the post. Its got some great stuff on it.

Any chance you have Volumes 1-3?

caveman78 ha detto...

YES, i have hall serie 1-4

hotrodmike ha detto...

Thanks for this volume. Lots of good tunes here.

snakeboy ha detto...

Packed full of Garage goodness. many thanks.

Jejen Zaenudin ha detto...

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