mercoledì 14 ottobre 2015

Lose Your Mynd (Eargasm)

Love – The Live Wires 
Poor Man – The High-Tensions 
Little Boy Sad – The Tidal Waves 
It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dog – The English Setters 
No Use Hangin Around – The High – Tensions 
Baby Made A Fool Out Of You – The Zip Codes 
Peek-A-Boo – Randy and the Radiants 
Jump – The Patterns 
I Will Lose My Mind – The Counts 
Now I’m Sorry – The Vibrations 
Ballad For Linda – The Universal Set 
Street Walker – Lonnie Duvall 
The Ladys Bad – The Royals 
Liverpool Lover – The No-Mads 
Visions Of Mary – The Reign 
You Can’t Judge A Book – The Jeckle and Hydes 
Roaches – The Judge N Jury 
Keep In Touch – The Canadian Rouges 
Charity – The Grey Thines 
I’m Leaving Here – The K-otics 
Piccadilly Circus – The Galaxies IV 
Shop Around – The Butlers 
I’m Alive – Johnny Thunders 
Color Me Columbus – Johnny Thompson Quintet 
Blue Shoes – The News 
Walk One Way – The Lost Tribe 
Love For A Lady In Grey – The Telstars 
Sunshine Day – The Reign 
Wild About You – The Rockin’ Ramrods 
Blue Suede Shoes – D.G. Williams And The Delta Raiders 
My Heart – Vilas Craig and the VI Counts 
My Generation – The Rovin’ Kind

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WoodHard ha detto...

Como fazer para baixa lo?

caveman78 ha detto...

hotrodmike ha detto...

This one looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

Rick ha detto...

Thanx for posting these gems, oh mighty Caveman. very much appreciated...