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Where You Gonna Go? - CD (Cicadelic, 2008)

Motor City Garage Bands 1965-1969
1 The Boys - How Do You Do With Me? (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
2 The Quintette Plus - Grits And Grease (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
3 The Unknown - Night Walkin' (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
4 The Tidal Waves - Farmer John (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
5 The Tidal Waves - She Left Me All Alone (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
6 The Tidal Waves - I Don't Need Love (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
7 The Tidal Waves - Big Boy Pete (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
8 The Tidal Waves - Action! (Speaks Louder Than Words) (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
9 The Tidal Waves - She's My Woman (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
10 The District Six - 7 And 7 Is (MI, U.S.A.)
11 The District Six - East Side Story (MI, U.S.A.)
12 The Couriers - I Couldn't Care Less (MI, U.S.A.)
13 The Couriers - Just Tell Me (MI, U.S.A.)
14 The District Six - Remember (MI, U.S.A.)
15 The Lykes Of Us - 7:30 Said (Trenton, MI, U.S.A.)
16 The Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines (Trenton, MI, U.S.A.)
17 The Unrelated Segments - Story Of My Life (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
18 The Unrelated Segments - It's Unfair (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
19 The Unrelated Segments - Where You Gonna Go? (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
20 The Unrelated Segments - It's Gonna Rain (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
21 The Unrelated Segments - Cry Cry Cry (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
22 The Unrelated Segments - Hey Love (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
23 The Unrelated Segments - There's Gonna Be A Change (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
24 The Unrelated Segments - Story Of My Life (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
25 The Lykes Of Us - I'll Sing You A Love Song (Trenton, MI, U.S.A.)
26 The Lykes Of Us - 7:30 Said (Trenton, MI, U.S.A.)

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