sabato 11 marzo 2017

Shakin' Fit ! - CD ( Candy Records , 1992)

29 Soul Shakin' Srompers
1–The Fabulous Playboys - Nervous
2–Harvey Scales & The 7 Sound - Love-Itis
3–The Five Du-Tones - The Chicken Astronaut
4–Dorothy Berry - Standin' On The Corner
5–Willie Parker - I Live The Life I Love
6–The Shells - Whiplash
7–The Ideals - Mo Gorilla
8–The Gardenias What's The Matter With Me
9–Emanual Laskey - Welfare Cheese
10–Junior And The Classics - The Dog
11–J.C. Davis - The Chicken Scratch
12–The Tabs - The Wallop
13–Sir Guy - The Frog
14–Jimmy Merchant - Skin The Cat
15–The Pyramids - Shakin' Fit
16–Don Gardner My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
17–Pancho Villa &The Bandits - Ain't That Bad
18–Bobby Davis - Damper Down
19–Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Sock It To 'em J. B. - Part 1
20–Four Hollidays - Grandma Bird
21–Kitty Love - You Gotta Change
22–Donald Jenkins &The Delighters - Wang Dang Dula
23–Sonny Raye - Whip It On Me
24–Mickey Lee Lane Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
25–Davis & Jones And The Fenders - Boss With The Hot Sauce
26–R.T. & The Pot Lickers - Sticky Pig Feet
27–Bill Robinson - The Cow
28–Don & Dewey - Heartattack
29–Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - Get Down

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