domenica 14 maggio 2017

Hen's Teeth #2 - CD (Hen's Teeth, 1996)

1 Neil Christian & The Crusaders - I Like It (London, U.K.)
    2 The King-Pins - Maybe Sometime (New Addington, U.K.)
    3 unknown - Can't Stop The Want I Got For You Babe
    4 The Exiles - Love In The Making (U.K.)
    5 unknown - You'd Better Get Going
    6 One In A Million - No Smokes (Glasgow, U.K.)
    7 The King-Pins - You're My Girl (New Addington, U.K.)
    8 unknown - To Be With You
    9 The Wheels - I'm Leaving (Blackpool, Ireland)
  10 The Four Aces - Why Do You (London, U.K.)
  11 John Lee's Groundhogs - Someone To Love (London, U.K.)
  12 The Partisans - All Night Worker (London, U.K.)
  13 Spectres - The Facts Of Life (Ireland)
  14 unknown - Nonsense And Misery
  15 The King-Pins - Baby I Need (New Addington, U.K.)
  16 The Craig - Dancing Down In New Orleans (Birmingham, U.K.)
  17 Sonic Invasion - Go Out And Get Her (U.K.)
  18 unknown - I'm Gonna Have My Fun
  19 The Prophets - My Little Girl (London, U.K.)
  20 The Disturbance - Apple Crumble (London, U.K.)
  21 Strange Brew - (I Am) The Letterman (Guildford, U.K.)
  22 Sons Of Man - On Love (U.K.)
  23 unknown - McDougal Street Freak Out

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