domenica 26 settembre 2021

60's Forgotten Things Vol. 6

A1 The Tangle – Any Time, Any Where A2 The Pewter Pals – Shame, Shame On Jane A3 The Five – She Doesn’t Love Me Anymore A4 The Dolphins – There Was A Time A5 Frenchy & The Underground Railroad – Trip A6 The Rare Breed – Where You Are Going To A7 The Starks – Shelly Belly A8 The New Englanders – Younger Girl B1 The Paupers – Honey Bee B2 The Trochais – Give Me An Answer B3 Fifth Page – Today And Everyday B4 The Illusions – Bitter End B5 The Impacts – That’s What You Like B6 The Lords Of London – Stay Away B7 The Alias #1 – Rockin’ Roll Boys B8 The Shapes Of Things – So Unkind MORE INFO HERE 60's Forgotten Things

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Hi Caveman, Just digged you in my bloglist on "Fifties Beat" my 50's music blog... can you do the same? Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for Volume 6!

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Thanx for this one. Some "new" artists = "new" hears here.

Ciao! For now.

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OK , I add your blog in my in my blogger friendlist .

PS : if you can write me in private. Thanks !

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