venerdì 17 marzo 2023

60's Forgotten Things Vol. 19

Punk Part 7!
A1 Yesterday's Children - One Way Up
A2 S.O.S. Unlimited - Girl You Don't Know
A3 Just Two Guys - I'm Free
A4 Gene Summers - World Of Illusion
A5 The Snowmen - Tubby Tina
A6 The Wildcats - The Swim
A7 Arthur Braun - Love Light In Your Eyes
A8 The Children - I Long To See Her

B1 The Discoteens - Don't Wanna Leave
B2 The Mother Heads Family Reunion - Filthy Eastern Ways
B3 The Mother Heads Family Reunion - Reunion Blues
B4 Blue Stone Horse Shoe - Big City Blues
B5 The Boss Blues - Before The Dawn
B6 The Kasuals - Girl You Better Stop Your Lyin'
B7 The Morticians - Marie, Marie
B8 The Morticians - Now That You've Left Me

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