venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

Dutch Beat Explosion - CD (Distortions, 1999)

1 The Sandy Coast - I'm A Fool
2 The Sandy Coast - Subject Of My Thoughts
3 The Golden Earrings - She May Be
4 The Scarlets - Now I Know
5 The Jay-Jays - Today I'm Gay
6 The Nicols - Lord, I've Been Thinking
7 The Nicols - I Can't Forget Her
8 The Torero's - Come
9 The Kwyet - No Time For Tears
10 James Mean - Seeing Her
11 The Tykes - Hey Girl
12 Johnny Kendall & The Heralds - Girl
13 Double Dutch - You're Out Of Sight
14 Double Dutch - Double Cross
15 Penny Wise - Silver Girl
16 The Sound Magics - When I Meet Her
17 The Haigs - Never Die
18 Hamlets - Looking In Your Eyes
19 Hamlets - It's Autumn
20 Midnatt Fyran - Always And Ever
21 Wo?w - Love Is Gone
22 The Condors - Set Me Free
23 The Cavaliers - You Cannot Make Me Cry
24 The Nameless - Love Time
25 The Elements - The Loves I Had Before
26 The Mods - She Was Married
27 Ro-d-ys - Just Fancy
28 Short '66 - Good Weekend

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caveman78 ha detto...

KW ha detto...

thanks! these are great!

Esmenard Victor ha detto...

Very nice set of songs. A good comp !

Thank you very much.

Davide ha detto...

grazie Caveman! il tuo blog spakka!

Margarine ha detto...


Becouse I'm Dutch, I can say it's a Distortion Records production who also published:

+ 'Biet Het' Vol.1 (CD) - A Cheesy Trip trough the Dutch-Belgian Sixties Youth Provo and... Yes... Eating Culture! (29 Lost Dutch-Belgian Beat-R&B-Psych Killers!)

+ 'Biet Het' Vol.2 (CD) - ...Is Prop! (Dutch-Belgian 60's Youth & Provoscene.)

+ 'Biet Het' Vol.3 (CD) - From The Kitchen To The Garage. (Dutch Girls & Girlbands!)

+ 'WaterPies & Dykes' (CD)

Thisone i didn't have for some odd reason so... Thanks Mr. Caveman... If anyone is interested for the 'Biet Het', just lemme know, m'kay?

^x^ Greetzzz,

MajorX234 ha detto...

here here here,
i'm looking for these Biet Het' Volumes. only the third one is findable but in such a bad quality(96kb/s) bad for this good music.. I'hope someone will up this cool stuff

dema karadima ha detto...

please repost again!!!!!