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Fading Yellow #2 - CD Flower Machine, 2002)

21 Course Smorgasbord of US Pop-Sike & Other Delights 1965-69
 1 Disraeli - What Will The New Day Bring? (Astoria, OR, U.S.A.)
    2 The Network - Ears Of Stone (U.S.A.)
    3 The Whispers - Knowin' (U.S.A.)
    4 The July Four - Frightened Little Girl (Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.)
    5 Calliope - I'll Take It Back (Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A.)
    6 George Edwards - Never Mind, I'm Freezing (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)
    7 The Poor - How Many Tears (Denver, CO, U.S.A.)
    8 The Happy Return - I Thought I Loved Her (St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.)
    9 The Oracle - Don't Say No (Lake Charles, LA, U.S.A.)
  10 The Rites - Hour Girl (New York, NY, U.S.A.)
  11 The Dynamics - All She Said (Seattle, WA, U.S.A.)
  12 The Holy Mackerel - Scorpio Red (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
  13 The Peppermint Trolley Co. - Trust (Redlands, CA, U.S.A.)
  14 The Higher Elevation - The Summer Skies (Greeley, CO, U.S.A.)
  15 Chris & Craig - Isha (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
  16 The Backseat - Where Is Mary (UT, U.S.A.)
  17 The Poor - Come Back Baby (Denver, CO, U.S.A.)
  18 The Cascades - I Bet You Won't Stay (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
  19 The Sound Set - Mind In A Bottle (Vancouver, Canada)
  20 The Reign - Sea Of Dreams (Vancouver, Canada)
  21 The Look - In A Whirl (Vancouver, Canada)
  22 unknown - Bonus Track

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