lunedì 3 settembre 2012

Revolution! - CD ( Cicadelic, 2012)

Teen Time in Corpus Christi (1965-1970)
01-It's So Hard-Four More
02- Don't Give Up Hope-Four More
03- Bad Boy-Four More
04- Problem Child-Four More
05-A Taste Of The Same-The Bad Seeds
06- I'm A King Bee-The Bad Seeds
07- All Night Long-The Bad Seeds
08- The Nazz Are Blue-The Liberty Bell
09- Thats How It Will Be-The Liberty Bell
10-For What You Lack-The Liberty Bell
11- Something For Me-The Liberty Bell
12- Passage To India-The Zakary Thaks
13-Reality Is The Only Answer ( Alternate Mix)-The Liberty Bell
14- Eveline Kaye-The Liberty Bell
15-Recognition-The Liberty Bell
16- Revolution-Kubla Khan
17- Bad Side Of The Moon-Kubla Khan
18- Face To Face-The Zakary Thaks
19-I Can See-The Liberty Bell
20-Reality Is The Only Answer (Sans Echoplex)-The Liberty Bell
21-Thoughts And Visions-The Liberty Bell
22- I've Got Something On My Mind-The Buckle
23-People Sec. IV-Michael
24- I'm Nobody's Man-Michael
25- My Last day-Michael
26-Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away-Michael
27- Sick and Tired-The Bad Seeds
28- Zilch Part 1-The Bad Seeds

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