giovedì 9 giugno 2022

60's Forgotten Things Vol.10

The Psych Part 3! A1 The Sinners – Goin’ Out Of My Mind
A2 The Penny Saints – Don’t Sell Your Mind
A3 The Razor’s Edge – Baby’s On His Way
A4 The Shyres – My Girl
A5 Pembrook Ltd. – Love’s So Easy Now
A6 Bobby Brelyn – Yes You Dig
A7 The Plagues – Badlands

B1 The Radical Five – I Should Have Stayed In Bed
B2 The Media – Endless Dream
B3 The Centurys – Catch Me Fast
B4 The Angry Men – Hullabaloo
B5 Portrait Of Fun – Wages Man
B6 The Reasons Why – Try And See Me
B7 The Hungry IV – The Hustler
B8 The 7th Seal – Make Your Bed MORE INFO HERE 60's Forgotten Things

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