venerdì 10 giugno 2022

60's Forgotten Things Vol.12

Special Acetates Part 1!
 A1 The Next Of Kinn - Nosey Rosie
A2 The Theaves - Absolute Sorrow
A3 The Jaguars - Come Out Tonight
A4 The Theaves - Ecstasy
A5 The Todes - Heartbreaker
A6 The Crabs - Looking Glass
A7 The Souls - Green Eyes
A8 The Outer Limits - The Wash
B1 The Henchmen - Stone, Stone
B2 Our Mothers Children - Down Down
B3 The Ugly Americans - Baby, You Ain't Gonna Get The Best Of Me
B4 The Outer Limits -  So Lovely
B5 Unknown - Those Who Come
B6 The Royal Rogues - So Long
B7 The Inside Out - Infinity
B8 Unknown - You Deceive

MORE INFO HERE 60's Forgotten Things

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Thank you!

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Thanks again. Yesterday vol. 10 was terrific. Hopefully this also counts for vol. 11 and 12.

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