mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

Project Blue #5-Can't You Stop It Now!- LP (Destination X, 1999)

16 USA 60's Teen Punkers from the Vaults!
Side 1
1 The Rave-Ons - I'll Come Back To You
2 The Chancellors - Journey
3 Aardvarks - I Can't Explain
4 The Savoys - I'd Rather Love You
5 The Quarrymen - Don't Try Your Luck
6 The Truths - Pending
7 Ascensions - All Alone
8 Blazers - I Don't Need You

Side 2
1 The Trojans Of Evol - Why Girl
2 The Saints - Girl Forgive Me
3 The Mixed Emotions - Can't You Stop It Now
4 Freddie & The Freeloafers - You're Gone
5 The Monarchs - Only You Know
6 Crystal Revelation - Life
7 The Modds - Don't Be Late
8 Minutemen - Another Day With Me

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caveman78 ha detto...

jimmark66 ha detto...

Thanks for this..looks good


StevenK ha detto...

Thanks so much for this series!


Ryan Shepard ha detto...

I can't get over the Quarrymen song here - just perfect ... that howl
at the break is pure, feral teen angst!

Does anyone know if they ever did anything other than the "Don't Try Your Luck" / Why 45?

Robert ha detto...

Download no longer exists...can't you please re-upload this?? I want to download it. Thanks!