martedì 12 febbraio 2008

Trans-World Punk Rave-Up! #2 - LP (Crawdad Wreckords, 1987)

Wild Raw Beat R'n'B Punk 1964-1966!
Side 1
1 The T-Boones - King Of The Orient (Stockholm, Sweden)
2 The Bluestars - I Can Take It (Aukland, New Zealand)
3 The Phantom Brothers - Chicago (Rendsburg, Germany)
4 I Kings - Almost There (Verona, Italy)
5 The Bluestars - Social End Product (Aukland, New Zealand)
6 I Jaguars - It's All Over Now (Rome, Italy)
7 Les Miserables - Miserablement Votre (Montreal, Canada)
8 Rivals - Got Love If You Want It (Denmark)

Side 2
1 The Frays - Keep Me Covered (London, U.K.)
2 The Brand - Zulu Stomp (Birmingham, U.K.)
3 Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Fortune Teller (London, U.K.)
4 The Bats - Got A Girl (Hamburg, Germany)
5 Fab - I Can Only Give You Everything (Rotterdam, Holland)
6 Le Teste Dure - Era Un Beatnik (Turin, Italy)
7 David John & The Mood - Pretty Thing (Preston, U.K.)
8 Los Salvajes - Soy Asi (Barcelona, Spain)

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caveman78 ha detto...

StevenK ha detto...

More good stuff! Thanks so much!


Ryan Shepard ha detto...

Thanks, man - your blog has allowed me to get a hold of some of the great
tracks I've heard on Beyond the Beat Generation, and I really appreciate it.

Oldcapellon ha detto...

THANKS caveman !

just a little correction,
on side A track 4 , the Kings title should be "Trovane un'altro"..

Thanks again for the outstanding work on postin' all this precious gems !!
Saluti dalla Germania

George Simmonds ha detto...

Hi, I love your site, lots of good garage music, anyway I have a favor to ask can you re-up the link for this album I tried the link for Trans-World Punk Rave-Up! #2 - LP, but it did not work, I love this album, I used to have it on vinyl, but lost it, so been trying to find it online, then I see it here, and the link does not work, so imagine my disappointment! So I would appreciate it, thanks.