giovedì 28 febbraio 2008

Ugly Things #1 - LP (Raven, 1980)

Side 1
1 The Missing Links - You're Driving Me Insane
2 The Black Diamonds - I Want, Need, Love You
3 The Elois - By My Side
4 The Moods - Rum Drunk
5 The Easybeats - Goin' Out Of My Mind
6 The Vince Maloney Sect - No Good Without You
7 The Sunsets - I Want Love
8 The Wild Colonials - Get The Picture
9 The Creatures - Ugly Thing
10 The Cult - You're Just My Kind

Side 2
1 The Atlantics - Come On
2 The D-Coys - Bad Times
3 Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees - Little Miss Rhythm & Blues
4 The Four Strangers - Sad & Lonely
5 The In-Sect - I Can See My Love
6 The Jackson Kings - Watch Your Step
7 The Running Jumping Standing Still - She's So Good To Me
8 The Vacant Lot - Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long
9 The Hergs - Style Of Love
10 Jeff St. John & The Id - Sunaroid '67

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caveman78 ha detto...

Unknown ha detto...

Well done! This is the BEST comp ever you know!

Have you also the Hide & Seek comps?

You are the king!

caveman78 ha detto...

hi naked, yes have hide n seek comps. Posted it this evening:)

Roddus ha detto...

Bugger, Bugger, bugger, got all excited about this as i use to have it in vinyl, so downloaded but all the tracts are corrupt and wont extract, please help.

Johnny Lebrel ha detto...

Great Great Great!

Australia always win!

Andy Rampage ha detto...