lunedì 11 maggio 2009

It's A Kave-In - LP (Kavern7)

16 Prime Kuts from the Stone-Age, Fossilized
Side 1

1 Peter & The Silhouettes - Claudette Jones
2 The Templars - Come On Baby
3 The Gemini Five - No, No, No
4 Ray Hoff & The Offbeats - I've Got To Get To You
5 The Leprechauns - Rain
6 Sunday - Many Mary
7 The Frantics - Familiar Faces And Forgotten Dreams
8 Chants R&B - Neighbour, Neighbour

Side 2
1 The Lincolns - You Can't Come 'Round Anymore
2 Johnny K. - Big Boat Up The River
3 Justin Anthony & The Impacts - Shirley Lee
4 The Tikki's - I'm Lonely
5 The Down & Out - I'll Wait And See
6 The Crests - I'm So Small
7 Tom Thumb - Got Love
8 The Tol-Puddle Martyrs - Social Cell

7 commenti:

Robert Charbonnier ha detto...

Well, well. Two australian compilations we are impatient to hear :)

Exeter ha detto...


Thanks for all your great posts!
Link for this one?


caveman78 ha detto...

Pere Grament ha detto...

hey, weird bands in this comp, dunn know any of them I think.


Exeter ha detto...

Thanks again for all your fine work!

Jon. ha detto...

This is an Australian comp? I bought it maybe a year ago now i had no info about. Thanks

geololo ha detto...

Hi Caveman, any chance for a reupload of this rare & very hard to find compilation from down under? Thank you very much