lunedì 17 maggio 2021

Buried Alive #1 - Lee De Parade Proudly (Rip Records)

SIXTIES GARAGE PUNK Elite - I’ll Come To You Illusions - Wait Till The Summer Unrelated Segmentsv - vIt’s Unfair Tamrons - Stop, Look & Listen Half Pint & the Fifths - Loving On Borrowed Time Malibus - Leave Me Alone Worlocks - Stay By My Side Sonics Inc. - Nobody To Love Dark Horsemen - Stand By Me Reasons Why - Nighttime-Daytime Hatfields - When She Returns Tikis - Careful What You Say Cyclones - Time For Me To Leave Sir Winston & the Commons - Come Back Again Benders - Got Me Down Werps - Shades Of Blue Little Willie & the Adolescents - Stop It Cavaliers - Checkmate Syndicate - She Haunts You Lil’ Boys Blue - Take You Away It’s Us - I Can Find My Way Bel-Aires - If You Love Me

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