lunedì 17 maggio 2021

Buried Alive #2

Canadian Rogues - Oo-Poo-Pah-Doo Banshees - Take A Ride With Me Moguls - Round Randy Golden Catalinas - Can Your Monkey Do The Dog Children Of Darkness - Sugar Shack A Go Go Elite UFO - Tarantula Johnny Colgan & the Beau Havens - Feel So Good Lyrics - So What!! Beep Beep & the Road Runners - Shifting Gears Dave Starky Five - Stand There Chancellors - Route 66 Beaux Jens - Trouble Baby Riddlers - Batman Ty Wagner - I Think I Found Love Montells - Daddy Rolling Stone Mystic Five - I’m Gonna Love You Too Novas - Take 7 Retreds - Johnny B. Goode Snails - When I Met You Nomads - Empty Heart Rising Tides - I’m Crying William The Wild One - My Love Is True

4 commenti:

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Racati ha detto...

Grazie molto per cuesti dui!

Rob Kopp ha detto...

Thanks again. It's always worthwhile waiting for the next one :-)