sabato 22 febbraio 2014

Erik's Moody Monsters - Priv (EricMeinen)

 01-Hitch-Hikers - Someday baby
02-Cobras IV - Time is the master
03-Soul Survivors - I won't cry
04-We The People - Feelings of my emptiness
05-Robby - I don't want to leave
06-Midnight shift - Just another day
07-Nick Of Tyme - unreal dream
08-Rick & Ronny - Misty eyes
09-Misfits - No one else
10-Hucksters - It's so hard
11-Tonky Tomson - I've been in love
12-Bridge - I don't think I'll call you
13-Beat Inc - Blue blue week
14-Touches of gold - The day is white
15-Drongos - If you want to know
16-Candy Store Prophets - You're a teaser
17-We The People - For no one to see
18-Chances - Placid world
19-M+M - She shut me down
20-James & The James Gang - Hey girl
21-Monroe & The Spots - You told me you loved me

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