sabato 22 febbraio 2014

Outta Psychedelics Cave! - Priv (JoeVee48)

 New 60's Usa Non-Comp Finds!
01.Gary & The Counts - Just The Way It Used To Be
02.Robb London & The Rogues-Bitter Tears
03.The Cavedwellers - Sinking Feeling
04.The Bounders - They Call The Wind Maria
05.James Boys - Bad Reputation
06.The Catalinas - Barbara
07.Judy Franklin & The Hippies - Let Me Go
08.Steve Lee-She`s Afraid To Answer
09.State Of Confusion - My Fellow Americans
10.The Red Baron - Gonna Get You In The End
11.Scot High & The Highlanders - Sure Fine
12.The Jads - Miss Pretty
13.Tommy T`s Federal Reserve - Take The Midnight Train
14.Chances R - I`ll Have You Crying
15.The Memories - Mercy Mercy
16.The Loyal Opposition - Telling Lies
17.Dany Wyant - Want You
18.The Kynd - Clouds
19.The Exceptions - Still On The Run
20.5 Of A Kind - Please Tell Me (They Were Wrong)
21.The Triumphs - Better Come And Get Her
22.Anthony & The Aqualads - You Feel The Power
23.The Vine Street Boys - Come On Over
24.The Love Tones - Stop This Thinking Of You
25.The Aztecs - Just To Satisfy You
26.Paul London And The Flaming Ember - Don`t Believe In Anybody
27.Sam Marina & The Moon - Tell Her Now
28.Ross London & The Rogues - Standing Under Big Ben
29.Gary & The Eastmen - I Love You

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caveman78 ha detto...

Chocoreve ha detto...

Thanks for the Garagepunk comps ! Always interested in Expo 67, Masterbeat, Rich Strauss comps if you have...

Wayman52 ha detto...

Looks like a very interesting rare compilation to me. Thank you very much dear Caveman.

DAVE SHARRATT ha detto...

hi there just wondered if you had the 5 volumes of wyld canada. cheers

glamking ha detto...

Thank you very much.

Best6789 ha detto...

you rule! I buy a lot, have around 300 LPs and Cds but you manage to bring still something new, thanks for the great work!

The Walrus ha detto...

Do you mind telling me where you heard of or obtained a copy of #9 on your list: "My Fellow Americans" by The State of Confusion?

My friend who found your site is the B.McIntosh and I am S.Bright, two of the writers (and performers) listed on the label.

What a trip seeing this here!

Stan Bright

grandpaterry ha detto...

Thank you