sabato 22 febbraio 2014

Jeff's Florida Flashbacks - Priv (JeffMiami)

Rare Garage Sides From The Sunshine State 
01-Non-Pareils - Painter Man (Five Star Prod)
02-Rovin' Flames - Seven Million People (Tampa Bay)
03-Montells - Daddy Rolling Stone (Thames)
04-Vandals - We're The Vandals (Parole)
05-Absolutes - Yesterday, I (Paris Tower)
06-Limeys - Come Back
07-Invaders - She's A Tiger (Suncrest)
08-Invaders - Honda Come Back (Suncrest)
09-Sandpipers - Love Is A Beautiful Thing (vinyl)
10-Dave & The Wanderers - My Heart Is In Pain (Criteria acetate)
11-(Fab) Phatons - I've Got That Feeling
12-Birdwatchers at Trader John's WQAM
13-Birdwatchers - I Have No Worried Mind
14-Dickens - One Of A Kind Woman (Format)
15-Members - Wish I'd Never Met You (Label)
16-Evil - I'm Movin' On
17-The What - Great Shakes (rehearsal 10-14-67)
18-Scotlind Yarde - Shadows In The Dark2
19-Nightcrawlers - I Don't Remember (Scott)
20-Sir Michael & Sounds - Love Your Fellow Man (Dig)
21-Bitter Ind - Hands Are Only To See2
22-Bitter Ind - Baby Blue2
23-Canadian Rogues - Love And Dreams (Paris Tower)
24-Dr. T & Undertakers - Blue Blue Feeling (Target)
25-Jesters - I'll Laugh At You2 (early demo version)
26-Charlie McCoy - The Boy From England
27-Wrong Numbers - The Way I Feel (Hit Cat)
28-Certain Amount - Is This The Dream (Pres-To-Hit)
29-Scotlind Yarde - Why
30-New Generations - Love Don't Pay 2 (Tener)
31-Mustard Jar - Try It 2 (Tener)
32-Rhythm's Children - Hard To Believe 2 (Tener)
33-Stix & Stonz - The World

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