lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

Pebbles #23 [The Continent Lashes Back!] - LP

 Side 1
    1 The Fun Of It - Drollery (The Hague, Holland)
    2 The Bumble Bees - Girl Of My Kind (The Hague, Holland)
    3 The Phantoms - Someday I'm Somebody (Eindhoven, Holland)
    4 Chapter II - East Of My Place (The Hague, Holland)
    5 The Jets - I Was So Glad (Utrecht, Holland)
    6 The Haigs - Never Die (The Hague, Holland)
    7 The Marquees - Call My Name (Badhoevedorp, Holland)
    8 The Haigs - Where To Run (The Hague, Holland)

Side 2

    1 The Jets - Worker In The Night (Utrecht, Holland)
    2 The Lords - Day After Day (Amsterdam, Holland)
    3 The Counsellors - I'll Be Your Man (Eindhoven, Holland)
    4 Les Baroques - Working On A Tsjing Tsjang (Baarn, Holland)
    5 The Motions - I've Got Misery (The Hague, Holland)
    6 The Jay-Jays - Come Back If You Dare (The Hague, Holland)
    7 Zen - Please Accept My Invitation (Amsterdam, Holland) *
    8 The Outsiders - If You Don't Treat Me Right (Amsterdam, Holland)

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