lunedì 17 febbraio 2014

Jeff's Moody Monsters - Priv (JeffMiami)

31 Tales of Teenage Mysery
01 CARROLS MOOD - Out She Goes  
03 GAUNGA DYNS - Clouds Won’t Shine  
05 EVIL - I Know I’ll Die 
06 NOVAS - Whenever You’re Ready 
07 FIVE OF A KIND - I Don’t Want To Find Another Girl 
08 DYNAMICS - I’ll Be Standing Here 
09 EMOTIONS - Why Must It Be 
10 ROUGES - Next Guy 
11 FIVE AMERICANS - The Outcast 
12 SHAGGS - Ring Around The Rosie 
13 FUGITIVES - She Believes In Me 
14 CAVALIERS - Looking For Love 
15 PATTI’S GROOVE - Tears 
16 BEST THINGS - You May See Me Cry 
17 SOULE SURVIVORS - Good-bye 
18 VIKINGS - Cherish The Love You Feel 
19 CREATURES - Letters Of Love 
20 SUNRISERS - No One 
21 ST. PETERSBURG PARADOX - Where’s She Gone 
22 NEWPORTS - Life Must Go On 
24 PAWNBROKERS - Someday
25 DYNAMICS - All She Said 
26 OTHER TWO - While I Sleep 
27 MG & THE ESCORTS - Remembering 
28 BEAU ALLEN - Part Of Me 
29 GEORGE EDWARDS - Never Mind, I’m Bleeding 
30 TEMPTERS - I Will Go 
31 FABULOUS RUMBLES - The Truth Hurts More Than Lies

9 commenti:

Emiliano Espinoza Espinosa ha detto...

Private Comps? What is that?

Robert ha detto...

This one looks interesting. I want to download it. Do you have the link? All the best. Thanks from here in New York City.

caveman78 ha detto...

caveman78 ha detto...

have private compilation that are not for sale, often compiled by collectors of garage, psych ... and more.

Robert ha detto...

Ah ! Yes ! Thank you so much for the link !

Unknown ha detto...

Hello Caveman,
a big thank you for this comp. Do you have a specific garage song? Talismen - Got Rid Of You
It is the only one I do not yet have the chance to listen to from the Teenbeat Mayhem 1000 song list.
I am glad to share all the others I have.
Best wishes

Jahel ha detto...

thx for the comp' (track 22 is missing....)

glamking ha detto...

Thank you very much.

Çağrı ha detto...

Hello, can you find Volume 2 ?