sabato 8 marzo 2008

60's Beat Italiano - LP (Direct Hit, 1989)

Side 1
1 I Bisonti - Crudele
2 I Chewing Gum - Senti Questa Chitarra
3 The Red Roosters - Just Because You Know
4 Noi Tre - Don't Lie To Me
5 Gli Evangelisti - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
6 Gli Evangelisti - Sensazioni
7 Le Anime - Il Tuo Ricordo
8 Hugu Tugu - Fino A Ieri
9 The Nightbirds - Nightbirds

Side 2
1 I 5 Monelli - Balbettando
2 I Jaguars - Non Sei Sincera
3 I Condors - Lei Per La Vita
4 I Barritas - Dusu Amigusu
5 I New Dada - La Quindicesima Frustata
6 I Profeti - Bambina Sola
7 The Ranger Sound - Ricordami
8 I Ragazzi Dai Capelli Verdi - Un Tipo Per Te
9 I Ragazzi Del Sole - Atto Di Forza No. 10

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caveman78 ha detto...

skampus ha detto...

il primo e il più bello!

Xyros ha detto...

thanks for also fot this comp and the ones coming up.

amusicalguy ha detto...
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amusicalguy ha detto...

Hey caveman78,

Great to see you liked my album...I was the guy who put this LP out back in 1989 with the help of some wonderful Italian 60's fans & friends! I got turned onto the fabulous 60's beat Italiano when I first heard The Ranger Sound's killer song "Ricordami" in 1988. I knew I had to hear more!! I later put together a CD version of the "60's Beat Italiano Vol. 1" CD with more tracks for Get Hip Records in Pittsburgh, PA around 1999. I put together the booklet and CD from band photos and tapes that my Italian friends had originally sent me when I was deciding which songs would eventually end up on the LP. The bonus tracks on the CD were ones that I had wanted on the LP, but didn't have the room to include them. Keep on rockin'! All the best, Dennis.
PS. Do you have the only album by I Raggazi Del Sole? I have been trying to find this for a long time without any if you do would you please upload it here? Thanks!

Anonimo ha detto...



Lennonize ME! ha detto...

that's the best!
Your compilation rocks!!
I'm italian, and i found this extra combo of semi-unknow bands; those guys play in the best way, in Italy the rock sound star and die with this scene.. I would like to have the LP, but i think is so hard to find...

sara ha detto...

sara ha detto...


sara ha detto...

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