martedì 4 marzo 2008

Generation Perdue - CD (?)

Rock Francais 1965-66

1 Les Rockers - Let's Go
2 Les Rockers - Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
3 Les Pollux - Gotta See My Baby
4 Les Pollux - Mais Oublie Pas
5 Les Gaelic - Gardez Les Cheveux Longs
6 Les Gaelic - Quand T'as Besoin D'un Ami
7 Les Anonymes - Fais Attention
8 Les Anonymes - Down Down
9 Les Boots - Tout Va Bien
10 Les Boots - Les Gens S'en Vont Dans Le Ciel
11 Les Sinners - La La La Lies
12 Les Sinners - Elle Est Revenue
13 Les Witackers - My Girl Josephine
14 Les Witackers - I Don't Mind
15 Les Gypsys - Je Ne Te Pardonnerai Pas
16 Les Gypsys - Proletaire
17 Les Gypsys - It's No Use
18 Les Gypsys - Let Me In
19 Les Gypsys - Allright
20 Les Gypsys - Oh Yeah!

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caveman78 ha detto...

JeanBernardFrance ha detto...

Thanks for this great French compilation.Please have you the"jagged time lapse vol 2"comps ?.

esmenard.victor ha detto...

First of all, let me tell that I discovered your site a few days ago and I'm just now beginning to finish listening to all the great comps you provided us.

So I wanna thank you and thank you again for all these wonderful albums.

esmenard.victor ha detto...

Now a request : I'd really like to hear another french comp : "Ils sont fous ces gaulois" (there are four volumes).

If you have them, I would be forever grateful :-)

esmenard.victor ha detto...

Grazie mille :-)

Justin ha detto...

thanks as always.

buddycat ha detto...


Just a little comment about this compilation. "Générartion Perdue - Rock Français 1965-66" is released on a small label called "Satisfaction" (#LCD16-2) in 1996 (for the CD version, 'cause a old vinyl version was released earlier). This label is produced by a french magazine called Jukebox Magazine (it's not a fanzine but a national magazine). Here are the contact of

Jukebox Mag.

and their CD are foundable here: