mercoledì 19 marzo 2008

Riot Of The Amphetamine Generation - LP (Dig The Fuzz, 2003)

16 Previously Unreleased British 60's R&B! Punk! Ravers!!
Side 1
1 unknown - Yes You Did
2 unknown - She's Alright
3 The Mountain Men - Too Many People
4 The Peasants - Rampant
5 The Boston Dexters - Nothing's Gonna Change Me
6 Mort Draygen & The Diamonds - If I Had A Ticket
7 The Strays - There Are Wrong People
8 The Red Hook Angels - That's All (I Need)

Side 2
1 Vat 69 - All The Time
2 Lee Tracey & The Tributes - Bird Doggin'
3 This Kind - Dirty City
4 The Spectres - Love In Vain
5 The Spectres - Say That You Need Me
6 Free Expression - My Life Has Changed
7 unknown - Now That We're Through
8 The XXXX's 5 - Take It All

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This link is kind of hard to read, can you please re-post the link for us? Thanks,you always post some wonderful music! THANK YOU!

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Another one I don't feel guilty about since I already own the vinyl copy. But it's great to have it on mp3 to listen on my headphones while walking to work.

Thanks for all of your great music sharing!