domenica 2 marzo 2008

Mindblowing Encounters Of The Purple Kind - LP (Dig-Up, 1998)

16 Obscure American Sixties Garagepunkers with a Psychedelic Flavour
Side 1
1 Eddie C & The Lone Rangers - Girl Don't Change Your Mind
2 Danny Provisor - It Really Tears Me Up
3 The Jades 404 - When Shadow Falls
4 The Troyes - Love Comes, Love Dies
5 Tyde - Lost
6 The Gurus - Everybody's Got To Be Alone Sometime
7 Gil Bateman - Daddy Walked In Darkness
8 The Strawberry SAC - In Relation

Side 2
1 The Sceptres - But I Can Dream
2 Soul, Inc. - 60 Miles High
3 The Graf Zepplin - You're In My Mind
4 Us Too - I'll Leave You Crying
5 The Laymen - Society Rules
6 The Graven Image - Take A Bite Of Life
7 The Rubber Maze - Mrs. Griffith
8 The Esquires - Settle Down

6 commenti:

caveman78 ha detto...

Bambee ha detto...

I want to listen to the music.
I'll check up it on the Internet.

Gyro1966 ha detto...

it's just The Jades. Not the Jades 404. I have the 45.

caveman78 ha detto...

in the database UT write 'jades 404'.. boh. Now correct it

Gyro1966 ha detto...

I love the Danny Provisor 45- really great folk-rock. i had to buy the 45 after I heard it!

Syd ha detto...

I've found this on youtube. It seems to be The Jades 404, not simply The Jade.

Cheers !