lunedì 10 marzo 2008

Sigh Cry Die - CD (Arf! Arf!, 2004)

29 Tales of Woe and Despair - Sixties Garage Rockers

1 Kings Ransom - Without You
2 The Nomads - How Many Times
3 The Strange Fate - Love Is Like
4 The Illusions - Her Own Way
5 The Romans - I'll Find A Way
6 The Bittersweets - She Treats Me Bad
7 The Changing Tymes - She Laughed At Me
8 The Evil I - Can't Live Without You
9 Limits - Free As The Wind
10 The Fyrebirds - I'm So Lonely
11 The Plagues - To Wander
12 The Gents - I'll Cry
13 The Non-Pareils - Willow Tree
14 The Mere Existence - Now
15 The Beach-Niks - Last Night I Cried
16 The Morticians - With Another Guy
17 The Excels - It Isn't So
18 The What-Nots - Nobody Else But You
19 Joey Tedeschi & The Idols - True Luv Gone Astray
20 The Zephyrs - Take Her Back
21 The Saints - Please Don't Leave Me
22 The Chayns - Run & Hide
23 Fenwyck - I Wanna Die
24 The Secrets - Cryin' Over Her
25 The Blue Condition - Once There Was A Girl
26 The Pastels - 'Cause I Love You
27 The Four Rogues - I'll Be Glad
28 The Four Speeds - Why Did You Leave Me
29 The Stairway To The Stars - Cry

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Thanks for this one as well, Caveman!
Cheers!! - SCM

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i'll wait for this one coz i've no rapidshit premium account

thanks btw

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cant believe i didnt know about this site until now! thanks a lot for this one

nick beef ha detto...

I absolutely love the moody garage sound. Especially as fall starts to turn the leaves and the airy chill sets the mind towards a little introspection.

Keep it up!

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