domenica 16 marzo 2008

Return Of The Amphetamine Generation - LP (Dig The Fuzz, 1999)

Side 1
1 The Uprooted - It's Just You
2 The Uprooted - Mary
3 Themselves - Have You Heard
4 The Farinas - All You Gotta Do
5 The Falcons - Phone Me
6 The Nomads - Hey Little Girl
7 The Five Of Diamonds - Good Morning Blues
8 C.M.J. - Help Me

Side 2
1 The In-Sect - I Don't Want To Make You Go
2 The In-Sect - Come Back To Me
3 Q Set - I Can't Keep It Up Any Longer
4 The Noise - You Turn Me On
5 Those Fadin' Colours - Blow Up
6 Those Fadin' Colours - Try Me On For Size
7 The Pakka-Jax - Morning Dew

9 commenti:

caveman78 ha detto...

shiryu7 ha detto...

Fantastic posts! Esp the psych unknowns...thank you

Unknown ha detto...

Killer!!!!!! Do you have the RAVEYARD PARADISE double LP of Norway bands??!?!??


Unknown ha detto...

Hey, do you have any POLISH SIXTIES PUNK COMPS?????????

caveman78 ha detto...

yes naned i have this comps.

Mars ha detto...

You're The Face! Link still Active as of 9/8/09!

apollojams ha detto...

Link leads to a [promised] 55MB DL. Actual results: a 44MB RAR. Results upon extraction: "file is corrupt or damaged". I'd try it again but the low 55MB promise seemed suspicious ANYway, since the other A.G. was 123mb. If i SHOULD try it again, let me know. If it IS wonky, i kindly request a re-up and thanx for all you're doing here! :)

apollojams ha detto...

Just dropped in to see if this was ever re-upped. Wow...has it really been three years? Your flight plans must be booked solid. Just teasing you in the hopes you'll re-up this. Thanx, Caveman!

Diamond Dave ha detto...

Hi! Love your work! Would also love it if you would re-upload this and rave with the amphetamine generation next time you re-upload stuff! Thanks /dave