domenica 9 marzo 2008

No No No - CD (Arf! Arf!, 1998)

28 moody somber and tragic 60's garage rock sagas

1 The Syndicate - She Haunts You
2 The Savages - No No No
3 The Wanted - Here To Stay
4 The 5: P.M. - How Many Days
5 Something Else - Let Me Say Now Love
6 The Bounty Hunters - Somewhere
7 The Missing Lynx - Hang Around
8 The Stonemen - No More
9 The Specters - Depression
10 The Landlords - I'm Through With You
11 The Satisfactions - Never Be Happy
12 The Counts - Now You're Gone
13 The Run-A-Rounds - I Can't Take You Back
14 The Masters Of Stonehouse - Please
15 The Lost Souls - Lost Love
16 The Bush - Feeling Sad And Lonely
17 The Symmetry Of Sound - Here Without You
18 The Invaders - I Was A Fool
19 The Paupers - Searching For Someone
20 The Madhatters - You May See Me Cry
21 The Psychopaths - See The Girl
22 The In Mates - The Same
23 The Eye Zooms - She's Gone
24 Bad Manners - I Am Alone
25 The Monuments - You'll Find The Way
26 Action Unlimited - My Heart Cries Out
27 The Ascots - Where I'm Goin'
28 The Missing Links - You Hypnotize Me

16 commenti:

nened ha detto...

Great choice! Yeah Yeah Yeah next?

Hey man, do you got any of them GREEK comps - OPERATION SHAKE THE EARTH or SIX MILES FROM THE CAGE, etc???

zebulon ha detto...

thanx a lot for this one, 28 rawkin trax to begin the day !

zebulon ha detto...

...but i don't see the link :-(

caveman78 ha detto...

Sub Comandante Marcos ha detto...
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Sub Comandante Marcos ha detto...

you just posted the link same time as my comment..
but something seems wrong, it looks 'cut off', when I paste the link it says not found on rapidshare?

I looked on the Arf Arf site & there is another similar comp, called "SIGH CRY DIE 29 Garage Rock Tales Of Woe and Despair from the Sixties" , do you have this also?

caveman78 ha detto...

yes naned i have this 2 comps , in the my programs posted it:)

caveman78 ha detto...

hi sub comandate, i have sigh cry.. posted it in the next days.

jimmark66 ha detto...

Darn, I cannot access the is cut off..

Jim (Jim's Child Of The '60s)

Sub Comandante Marcos ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Sub Comandante Marcos ha detto...

Caveman, that would be great, if you can post 'sigh cry die' sometime, whenever :)

In the meantime, sorry to bug you, but the LINK for this comp is incomplete.. it is missing the end part somehow.. pls post the link again, split it up over several lines if necessary.

jimmark66 ha detto...

I actually was able to get the link..I clicked on it and highlighted it,dragging the mouse all the way to the right while highlighting it..I copy and pasted it and it worked...


caveman78 ha detto...

enlarge window of comment and the link appear complete

Sub Comandante Marcos ha detto...

Good tip Jim, it worked!
Thanks again caveman :)

sexy ha detto...




paycheckfan ha detto...

Hi and thank you for the most awsome blog! I am really into the darker material and i would be even happier if you could re-upload this post?
Even if you dont i want to thank you, not only for the great material but for opening my eyes to some of the artist so thanks!