sabato 8 marzo 2008

Per Chi Non Conosce La Libertà - LP (Reverendo Moon, 1995)

Side 1
1 I Tubi Lungimiranti - Abbiamo Paura Dei Topi
2 I Rilevati - Qualcuno Ha Parlato
3 I Nobil's - Lasciami Star
4 I Bisonti - Ma Se Ci Penso
5 Raminghi - Buio Mondo Nero E Giallo
6 Images - The Great Airplane Strike
7 Amici - Chinato Ai Tuoi Piedi

Side 2
1 I Barritas - Sa Pacchia
2 I Vanguards - Non Mi Sbagliavo
3 I Baronetti - Sabbia Blu
4 I Saraceni - Ricorda
5 Bucanieri - Sai
6 John Davil E Gli Eccentrici - Morning
7 Angel & The Brains - S. Francesco

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caveman78 ha detto...

nened ha detto...


stephanie ha detto...

Wonderful site,Thanks for all of the goodies! I love garage music!
Can you link me with your favorites?
Please check out my blogspot;
I'm going to be putting up more garage/surf music and many other things you might not have.

MUseless ha detto...

Nothing against Italian Sixties Punk but to tell it's the best along with the Aussie one is real REAL exaggeration! Too winy sometimes! SORRY, I like it, too, but please stay down to earth! Mitch

caveman78 ha detto...

hi Stepanie, your blog is oool:) now i add in my favourite.

nened ha detto...

I still say Italian 60s punk is the best ... Listen to the Roma Rave Up Cd!! And there's enough monsters for a second volume, easily.

Sure, there's bad Italian stuff too, but that's not really punk or garage anyway.


nened ha detto...

Listen again to this: I Ragazzi Del Sole - Atto Di Forza No. 10

And tell me that this is not THEE most savage punker ever recorded!!!!!!!!!

I'm serious.

Erling ha detto...

Dear Caveman,
The link for Per Chi Non Conosce La Libertà is broken... I downloaded this years ago but my computer crashed and it wasn't backed up. Is there any chance you might put it up again? I really love your blog, so much impossible to get stuff, like this one, my favorite Italian beat comp. I'd be so happy if I could find it again.