venerdì 1 febbraio 2008

Don't Turn Me Off - LP (Out Of Limits, 2001)

Trans-world 60's Beat Punkers
Side 1
1 G 69 - Growing Up (Belgium) *
2 Les Bonds - Like A Baby (France) *
3 The Un'Beat'Able - Changing Times (Leeuwarden, Holland) *
6 Francois Nicot - Mad Jane (Brussels, Belgium) *
7 Hitch Hikers - Buggy's (Lebanon) *
8 Les Moby Dicks - Pony (Switzerland) *

Side 2
1 The Olympians - Go Man Go (Thessaloniki, Greece)
2 The Beatmen - Break It (Czechoslovakia) *
4 Les Etoiles Filantes - Something (Switzerland) *
5 The Green Leaves - Magic Soul (Belgium) *
6 Les Senders - Good Stark (Vernon, France) *
7 The Cheese Town Jewels - No One Else (Gouda, Holland) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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caveman78 ha detto...

StevenK ha detto...

Another great album! Thanks so much!


sfdoomed ha detto...

One can never have too much 60s beat from around the world. Thanks for your fantastic blog.

StevenK ha detto...

Hello, it's Steven again. I was planning on listening to this album again, but unfortunately my previous download of your album has been lost, and Rapidshare no longer has your uploaded files either. Is there any chance you could re-up this album? Pretty please? If you can, I'd be so grateful!