martedì 12 febbraio 2008

Trans-World Punk Rave-Up! #1 - LP (Crawdad Wreckords, 1985)

Wild Rocking Beat 'n' R'n'B from All Over! 1964-1966!
Side 1
1 The Scorpions - (Ain't That) Just Like Me (Manchester, U.K.)
2 Fab - Our Little Rendez-vous (Rotterdam, Holland)
3 The Sons Of Fred - I'll Be There (Great Yarmouth, U.K.)
4 The Ranger Sound - Ricordami (Padua, Italy)
5 The Motions - Be The Woman I Need (The Hague, Holland)
6 Softs - Kassie Kijken (Amsterdam, Holland)
7 Peter & The Blizzards - Bye Bye Baby (The Hague, Holland)
8 The Blue Rondos - Baby I Go For You (London, U.K.)
9 The Entertainers - Down Home Girl (Heerlen, Holland)

Side 2
1 The Rollers - Jack The Ripper (Germany)
2 Pee White & The Magic Strangers - I'm A King Bee (Holland)
3 The Phantoms - Roadrunner (Eindhoven, Holland)
4 The Pleazers - Don't Gimme No Lip Child (Brisbane, Australia)
5 Softs - Paarse Broek (Amsterdam, Holland)
6 The Selfkick - Gosh! I'm Your Woman, Not Your Wife! (Holland)
7 The Deejays - Blackeyed Woman (London, U.K.)
8 Peter & The Blizzards - All I Want (The Hague, Holland)
9 The King-Pins - Diamond Girl (New Addington, U.K.)

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