sabato 16 febbraio 2008

Texas Punk From The Sixties #2 - LP (Eva, 1985)

Side 1
1 The Coastliners - I'll Be Gone
2 The Coastliners - Alright
3 Kempy & The Guardians - Love For A Price
4 The Y'Alls - Please Come Back
5 The Status Quo - They All Want Her Love
6 The Reddlemen - I'm Gonna Get In That Girl's Mind
7 The Passions - Lively One
8 The Venetian Blinds - Quit Your Belly Achin' Baby
9 The Pirates - Cuttin' Out

Side 2
1 The Circus - Burn Witch Burn
2 The Circus - Bad Seed (You're A Bad Seed)
3 Kempy & The Guardians - Love For A Price
4 The Continentals - I'm Gone
5 Him - It's A Man Down There
6 The Pack - Baby I Ask You Why
7 Oedipus & The Mothers - (I Remember) How It Used To Be
8 Danny & The Counts - You Need Love
9 Danny & The Counts - Ode To The Wind

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caveman78 ha detto...

JeanBernardFrance ha detto...

Eva the French label made a great work for garage & psychedelic music.It seems it was more easy to find the albums outside France.Many thanks for all your great compilations.It was also very nice to listen to Lemon Fog I only found a few years ago on Acid Visions.

nened ha detto...

Excellent blog - best one yet! Can you upload the entire Garage Punk Unknowns LP series? No one has done the whole thing yet!

Kickass, keep em komin!!!

caveman78 ha detto...

Many thanx Nened, yes probably i upl garage punk unkonows serie in the future.:) Enjoy.

nened ha detto...

GREAT, that'll be killer! DO you also have Journey to Tyme vols 3 and 4? Those are impossible to find anywhere!


caveman78 ha detto...

sorry, i have only first 2 vols of it.